Saturday, January 20, 2018

CBIZ Women's Advantage

CBIZ Women Helping Women Succeed in Business

CBIZ Women's AdvantageCBIZ Women's Advantage celebrates the uniqueness of the woman business professional.

Internally, we direct the development of our women professionals through focused leadership, mentoring, networking and professional development programs.

Externally, we provide women decision makers access to a network of highly skilled, seasoned, professional women to assist their every business need.

Our Goals

  • Create a competitive advantage by attracting, retaining and engaging talented women.
  • Integrate this program with CBIZ and MHM's ethical and established business principles, creating a measurable impact on CBIZ's business development and revenue generation.
  • Strengthen internal and external recognition of CBIZ women and communicate the program's alignment with CBIZ's business strategy.

CBIZ Dress for SuccessWhat's the Advantage?

  • Professional growth
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Visibility and recognition
  • Personal satisfaction
  • Networking opportunities
  • Business development
  • Community outreach
  • Shareholder value

We are "CBIZ Women Helping Women Succeed in Business."

The Advantage Newsletter

CBIZ Women's Advantage publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Advantage.