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Grow your career in accounting and tax, business consulting, audit or valuation, and financial services with CBIZ and MHM — together a national Top Ten accounting provider.
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Applying for Employment with CBIZ and MHM

If you are an ambitious and growth-oriented individual with drive and a passion for success, we are the organization for you.

Step 1: Build a profile, search and apply online
Step 2: Human Resources reviews applications 
Step 3: Initial phone screening and interview of selected candidates
Step 4: Second or third round of interviews (varies by location)
Step 5: Offer is made
Step 6: Background investigation and onboarding

After you submit your resume online you will receive a response via email to confirm receipt. Your profile and resume will remain active in our candidate tracking system for two years and will enable our recruiting team to consider you for future job opportunities that match your skill set, education, certification and qualifications. You can log into our system at any time to update your resume, experience or to search and apply for additional opportunities.

You will receive notification regarding the status of your application for a position, even if that position is filled by another candidate.

Initial Phone Screening and Interview Process

The National Recruiting Team or a member of our Human Resources Team will review candidate qualifications and makes a preliminary decision based on potential fit and skill set. A member of this team may contact you to gather additional information, such as relevant work experience, qualifications, geographic location, relocation, compensation, availability for interviews, etc. Based on this initial assessment, a member of our team will discuss your qualifications with the hiring manager. Based on the recruiter’s recommendation, the hiring manager will select the candidates to be interviewed over the phone or in person.

Upon arrival to the CBIZ and MHM office you will be greeted by a member of the National Recruiting Team or local representative to review your application, explain your interview schedule, benefits and to answer any questions. Depending on the position you may be required to meet with two or more CBIZ & MHM professionals. Come prepared — you will have an opportunity to ask CBIZ & MHM professionals about their work experience and life at our company.

During the interview process there are some essential areas we will assess:

  • How committed are you to the accounting and business consulting arena?
  • What are your true abilities, how articulate are you and how do you carry yourself?
  • How do your skills and communication style match with the team?
  • What unique and diverse perspective will you bring?

We may ask candidates back for additional interviews before making a final decision.

Making the Offer

If CBIZ and you as a candidate agree that your hiring would be mutually beneficial an offer will be made to you as quickly as possible. The offer package will include starting salary, a summary of benefits and information about your first day of employment with our organization. In general, we expect you to communicate your decision to us within one or two weeks.

Background Checks and OnBoarding

As part of the offer acceptance process, you will be asked to complete a form authorizing CBIZ & MHM to perform a background check that verifies your employment history, social security number, education and criminal background. Credit checks may be performed for certain positions. This process normally takes 24 to 48 hours to complete. At this time, we will mutually agree on a start date.

Please note this process does vary slightly by location.