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The CBIZ and MHM Campus Recruitment Process

So you're in college and trying to figure out the all-important "what's next?" Answering that question doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, it's rather simple. Sign up for on-campus interviews with CBIZ and MHM and explore the opportunities that await you at one of our 32 locations.

Connecting with CBIZ & MHM on Campus

We typically interview for internships and full-time job opportunities on campus every fall. Dates and schedules are often predetermined by your university’s career services program.

  • Step 1: Contact your career center to see if we will be recruiting on your campus. If so, you can submit your resume and schedule an interview with us via your career center website.
  • Step 2: Interview on campus for full-time or internship opportunities. Interviews are typically face-to-face and last around 30-45 minutes in length.
  • Step 3: If the interview on campus goes well you will be invited for an office visit. During the office visit you will have a chance to meet our staff, from entry-level to partner. Office visits are a great opportunity to learn about CBIZ and MHM, ask the staff questions, and explore the job opportunities that await you. Shortly after the visit, you will receive a letter indicating whether or not we will be extending you and offer for one of our positions.

We are typically on campus recruiting interns and full-time hires several times throughout the fall semester (August–October) attending events like Meet the Firm, career fairs, mock interviews, panel discussions, resume reviews, Accounting Society Presentations and on-campus interviews. Formal office visit interviews occur from October through November.

During the spring semester we generally attend Accounting Society functions, picnics and presentations. Recruitment during this time is limited and based on hiring needs and availability.

If CBIZ and MHM does not recruit at your university, you can review and apply for full-time and internship opportunities on this website. For additional information, you can send inquiries to or visit our CBIZ MHM Careers Facebook page to learn more about us.

Please note this experience does vary slightly from office to office.

Career Fair

I enjoy working on a variety of clients' engagements and I appreciate how the partners follow up on my questions and comments in order to complete the job accurately and on time.