Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Grow your career in accounting and tax, business consulting, audit or valuation, and financial services with CBIZ and MHM — together a national Top Ten accounting provider.
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About the CPA Exam

Passing the CPA exam is a huge milestone in your accounting career and enhances your overall accounting knowledge. Did you already pass the CPA exam? If so, congratulations! If you haven’t yet, CBIZ and MHM will provide you with discounts for the CPA Review and additional time off to complete the exam.

CPA Review

CPA exam review discounts are available for all associates. CBIZ has agreements with Becker, Roger CPA, Exam Matrix, Kaplan and CPA Excel review.

CPA Exam Expense

We will reimburse an associate for up to four application fees and up to eight section’s worth of exam fees. The cost of your first ethics exam will also be covered.

Paid Time Off

CBIZ encourages and supports associates while they work on attaining their CPA designation. We will compensate an associate while taking the CPA exam for up to 32 hours during his or her employment as long as the exam is taken during the normal work week (Monday-Friday).

CPA Exam Bonus

As an associate, you can earn a $2,000 bonus for successfully completing all sections of the CPA exam, as well as the ethics exam, within two years of full-time employment with CBIZ!