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Professional Growth

From the top down, CBIZ Managers support and encourage professional growth.

Employees at all levels can participate in opportunities to learn new skills, collaborate on best practices, and progressively grow their careers through online CBIZ University courses.

Our clients count on us to provide them with accurate, thoughtful analysis of the changing business landscape and we know that continuing education allows our employees to serve as trusted partners.

Consultative Business Development 1 – Foundational Sales Approach
(Formally Sales Academy)

Consultative Business Development 1 – Foundational Sales Approach, provides the steps for a consistent consultative Business Development Process utilized across CBIZ. The objective is to increase the skill level and confidence of our Business Development Professionals to lead strategic, needs-based dialogues to better understand their clients' needs and key drivers in order to serve as true trusted advisors and persuasively position and differentiate CBIZ offerings. There are also Sales Leadership courses focused on coaching, sales management, sales metrics, etc., since an integral part of the Consultative Business Development 1 is to ensure role modeling and the reinforcement which will maximize the long-term benefits of the Consultative Business Development 1training.

Consultative Business Development 2 – Business Plan in Action

Consultative Business Development 2 – Business Plan in Action, provides a hand-on experience of the foundational sales approach. The objective is to provide a workshop to experience the practical application of the skills, knowledge and strategies needed to meet and exceed sales metrics.

Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy is a one year program that has been designed to develop our top talent. Participants are selected based on their demonstrated desire to grow, have shown an ability to lead, and have a strong desire to see CBIZ succeed. Content includes managing self, managing others, managing managers, and managing the organization.