Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Positions With CBIZ Employee Services

Below you will find a few of the most common career types within Employee Services at CBIZ.

Property & Casualty Producer

Business is full of risks. Some of them you can control, but some of them, you can’t. That’s what insurance is for. It helps businesses stay in business when disaster strikes. My job is to help my clients identify their particular risks, and find ways to manage them so that they can put their time and energy into the business, not into managing risk. I’m a CBIZ Property & Casualty Producer and my business is growing yours.

Account Executive

Every business can benefit from a helping hand. I take the lead in making sure that our  products and services meet my clients’ business needs. It’s my job to learn their business, stay on top of changing legislation and market trends, and develop solutions that help them grow their business. I’m a CBIZ Account Executive and my business is growing yours.

Account Manager

When you need customer support, you want to talk to someone who can get things done. You don’t want to be transferred from person to person on the phone. You don’t want to get lost in endless recorded messages. You just want help. My job is to resolve day to day problems, working directly with my clients. You know my name. You know how to reach me. I’m a CBIZ Account manager. My business is growing yours.

Payroll Specialist

No matter how much someone loves their job, they still expect to be paid on time and the correct amount. At CBIZ, we are specialists in all aspects of payroll administration, including COBRA, retirement plans, standard and special deductions. My job is to work to ensure that payroll is one thing my clients don’t have to worry about. You handle the business, I’ll handle the payroll. I’m a CBIZ Payroll Specialist and my business is growing yours.

Employee Benefits Producer

If a business wants to attract and retain top employees, a great employee benefit package can help. But everyone knows that in today’s economy, the cost of providing benefits can be very high. That’s where I come in. I help businesses sort through the options and come up with a package of benefits that is both affordable and helps them attract the right employees. And that helps our clients’ business grow. I’m a CBIZ Employee Benefits Producer. My business is growing yours.

The company's strong reputation and name identification makes it easy for me to network and develop opportunities.